How can you assist the volunteers of South Carlow CFR?

There are a range of ways you can support us and the community, see below for some further information or just get in touch with us.

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We are Volunteers

As a Voluntary Organisation we depend on donations. These donations will be used to purchase equipment like AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) and other items that will help us in the work we are doing in the community. All donations no matter the size is greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference to the organisation.

Having our own AED’s will allow us to arrive on scene quicker and also in the certainty that the equipment we have is complete and ready to go.  Having to collect AED’s from locations can delay us and also the machine may have been used or tampered with.


AED’s in the area

If you know of the locations of AED’s across the region, even if they are within premises, please let us know. In the event of an emergency, minutes and access to vital equipment can make a huge difference.


Getting an AED? 

If you are considering installing an AED in your business or area, then please get in touch.

There are subtle differences in AED’s, some are easier to use than others and also the consumables such as pads should be considered, also where will it be stored.

Do you know how to use an AED/defibrillator? Do you know where your nearest one is in an emergency? Purchasing a defibrillator and taking the time to know how to use it will most likely save the life of someone you know. visit Irish Heart Foundation for further information. CLICK HERE


Share the Word

Share the word around the community about the South Carlow CFR Team, we are all volunteers and your support means a great deal to us. In establishing the organisation we have received some great support from local businesses in the design of our Logo, provision of materials and consumables, production of signs for fundraising and even in the development of this website.


Follow us  

South Carlow CFR is on Facebook and Instagram, what better way to see what we are up to that connecting on those channels. 


Volunteer with us  

Perhaps you might consider becoming a volunteer with South Carlow Community First Responders, talk to us and we will update you on the training and how we operate.

South Carlow CFR volunteers commenced training in the Autumn of 2022 and went live as a group on 1st April 2023.  The training wont always take that long, just there was more to do in getting everything live.  We will have certain intake periods, however if you are interested or would like to know more, then please do get in touch.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer with South Carlow CFR, please take some time to look through our Policies & Procedures Handbook and complete our Membership Application.  Applications will be reviewed and we will be in touch once we have scheduled our next member intake.

 If you are living or working outside of the South Carlow CFR area, remember there may be another group near to where you are looking for volunteers like you or perhaps there is an opportunity to establish a group in an area not yet covered.

Further details on Becoming a CFR can be found at: 



Community First Responders do not replace the statutory bodies.

They are a VOLUNTARY addition and may not always be on call; this will depend on numbers trained and available in your community.